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No one will ever know you once had tooth gaps or misshapen or chipped teeth after Dr. Rosenberg's restorative dental bonding.

Flaws, gaps, and chipped teeth can be completely redesigned with Dr. Rosenberg's dental bonding. First he places a thin coating of plastic on the front surface of the affected tooth and then he can literally sculpt the tooth into perfection with a tooth-like substance. Dr. Rosenberg can even replace metal fillings with these natural-looking tooth bonding materials for a flawless, perfect smile.

Dr. Alan Rosenberg's restorative dental bonding is the fast and affordable cosmetic dentistry aesthetic makeover procedure that can dramatically redesign your smile for more natural-looking, beautiful teeth! To start your Fresh Meadows journey to a beautiful smile, fill out the online form or call (855) 827-8994.

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Alan L. Rosenberg, D.D.S
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Dr. Alan L. Rosenberg

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